Configuring Hardware Systems into Personal Technology Devices

Angry PhoneA friend of mine recently spent almost $ 800 on a food sealer. A device that vacuum seals food for it to stay fresh for storage. Although I have no great knowledge nor ideas about food sealers in general the concept is interesting, as it allows you to buy food in bulks for cheaper and then store in in a way that keeps in fresher for longer, but the real interest for me is the software behind the function of the food sealer.

You see, the device is programmed in a certain way to keep it working in a specific way and it got me thinking about hardware systems in all our tools and devices. And even if I am quite sure no one will hack into your VacMaster P112 (LOL) we all keep various devices around that can be – even our cars now a days are programmed and can be hacked!!

The New Standard of Development: HTML5

inovies-HTML5Hyper Text Markup Language 5 more commonly known by its abbreviation HTML 5 is the fifth and latest development in the HTML standard. It is used by web programmers to build web pages and to design and build web applications.

It is the main approach used by web programmers and as such is recognized as the foundation to web programming. HTML 5 is meant to incorporate its predecessors; HTML 4, Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML 1) and Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML.

Programmers Need to Be Multilingual or They Will be Left in The Dust

The HackerIn the past computer programmers only needed to be proficient in one computer language to be set for a career. In the 70’s and 80’s you learned FORTRAN, COBOL or C and you could be gainfully employed for 30 years until you retired. In those days mainframes ruled the business world and desktop PCs were just beginning to have some processing power. Today that time is literally ancient computer history.

The average smart phone has more processing power and storage than even the best systems of that time. Software development in 2014 is more complex with a wide range of computer languages and the cutting edge development that is being utilized. Being fluent in a variety of computer languages and keeping up with emerging technology is the only way for you to stay current and gainfully employed.

The Five Key Considerations When Choosing a Computer

choosing a computerGone are the days when you could get by without a computer. In the present age, a computer forms the core of your life. Anything from entertainment, office work, education or connecting with friends, today revolves around a computer.

You can have apps and computers that control your “health” how you eat, when you go to the gym, you get sent juice guides and diets to your phone while the same programs count your calorie intake and how much you burn while you train on your elliptical machine or when you go out for a run. We are very much in the hands of technology at the moment.

Granted the benefits, owning one can be a thrilling experience, but unfortunately there can be wide range of computer to choose from, thus making selection an upper hill task.


That, combined with over excitement, can crowd your judgement and end up buying a poor quality computer or one that does not fulfill your needs. Below are the five key things that you should have in mind before picking computer.

Shower Speakers? What is the latest Technology in 2015

Introducing the technology that never fails the music lovers to even sing with joy inside the bathroom, the shower speakers for all time. Shower speakers? What is the latest technology in 2015?

Shower speakers come sizes, designs and effects but something excites for the 2015 generation is the water proof, Bluetooth and LED stimulus system. Well, having said that, price is quite fair to their performance.

Wireless Speakers

shower speakersThis wireless Bluetooth shower speakers can be used at any of the corner in your own bathroom. This ensures around 40 feet distance. This is designed to accommodate the fair distance from your source of music like laptop, note pad and the like which are found in your rooms. It is wireless, evaluate the power system. Ensured by its longer period of playback in order not to spoil your happy moment inside the bathroom.

Lights must be LED stimulus. This means to say that the LED lights are directly influenced by   the water temperature inside the bathroom. This will work for both the steam shower and the natural water shower. This means to describe that these shower speakers when the water temperature is between 91 deg F and 106 deg F the LED Lights will turn Magenta.  When the water temperature goes to 90 deg F or 32 deg C the LED Lights will turn Blue.

Don’t also under estimate the shower speakers compatibility functions. How friendly the shower speakers? Is this what the latest technology in 2015 offers humanity?

Then we have bluetooth

Consider the Pulse Bluetooth shower speaker. This has better support system in about 3.0 wireless connectivity and even gives you the choice to answer phone calls when paired by phones in your houses.  This can be manipulated by simply pressing the button for music to mute and then talk. Simple as that, its communication features will manage the conversation. Not only that you can make use of any other external or flash drives for direct playing of music of your choice. This can only be bought in a very affordable price without compromising the quality of the sounds, instead the excellent and easy volume are retained. The battery is very efficient for it can last for around three hours. Good enough even for the use of the whole family members. And because it’s waterproof, you can use these in bathrooms, pool, boats and any outdoor places you wish to.

Try this Mélodie by Dynamique, known for its powerful and dynamic features and it has been getting some great reviews as well (like here). This works well with your Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Android and Windows devices. You can also play your music from the different applications like Google Play, iTunes, Music Hub, Pandora, and Spotify and if you’re an apple user, you can even chat with Siri through the little speakerphone. It designed with built-in microphone to give you a chance to answer phone calls while in the bathroom.

It is naturally waterproof and so you can use it in the shower and outdoors in the rain or even on a boat. A built-in microphone also allows for incoming calls.

These are just some of the many options to choose from the best shower speakers? Considered to be what is best technology in 2015?

Best Air Compressor for Sandblasting

Tips in choosing the best air compressor for sandblasting

best air compressorSandblasting is the act of cleaning a surface or area at high velocity using tiny bits of materials. Sand was commonly used for sandblasting. But, due to the outbreak of lung disease commonly known as silicosis, Sandblasters are now using small or relatively uniform particles such as slags, walnut shells and the like. Air compressor is just one of the different parts of sandblasting set-up. This refers to anything that will increase the amount of air in certain container. The increased pressure of air eventually creates force use for blasting or cleaning a surface or the like.  And due to the abundance of options of air compressor available in the market, good working knowledge about air compressor can help buyers buy for the best compressor for sandblasting.

Let it be noted that air compressor becomes a leading commodity among compressors due to its safe, clean, flexible and convenient features. Air compressors come in types and even sizes as well as their capacity.

Reciprocating or Piston compressors

The most common air compressor in the market today if ratings and online air compressor reviews (see here) are any thing to go by. It is known for its positive displacement  works by filling an air chamber with air  then reducing the chamber’s volume. Reciprocating compressors are ideal for internal combustion engine in a reverse process. The good thing for this kind of compressor is its simple in design, lower initial cost, easy to install and no need to use oil carryover. And it uses large range of horsepower. However, this type of air compressor has some known disadvantages like, most of the reciprocating or piston compressors do not run at full capacity of the time and are prone to vibration problems.

It is also practical to compare this type of air compressor to Rotary Screw Compressor to evaluate the best air compressor for sandblasting.

Rotary Screw Compressor

This type of compressor becomes functional by means of air filling the void between two helical mated screws and their housing. The increase of air pressure is achieved by the reduced volume caused by the turning on of the two helical screws. To achieved the desired cooling, lubrication and seal between screws, oil injected into the bearing and compression area. Like the reciprocating compressor, it has both the advantages and disadvantages. It has almost the same advantages to the reciprocating compressor but more of the disadvantages. These include the its limited air end life, high rotational speeds, shorter life expectancy, a lot of oil carryover caused by the injection of oil and its difficulty to manage in dirty environments.

Another type which buyer can compare with is the Rotary Vane Compressor. It has also the positive displacement compressor. Its compressor pump has the rotor, stator, and eight blades. Comparing this compressor with the Rotary Screw compressor, it has long life air end and is resistant to dirty environments.  However, it cannot handle high pressure of over 200 psi.

Now, evaluating these types of air compressor, buyers can surely pick for the best air compressor for sandblasting.

Choosing Running Shoes That Fit: A Comple Guide For Men and Women

ASICS-Gel-Kayano-192I recently bought a pair of Asics Womens Gel Kayano 19 running shoes for my girlfriend and I must say that i learned a few things during my research, that envolved reading several reviews and websites with helpfull information about running shoes, the best article was at as they clearly and categorically explained how to chooce the right shoes for women taking into considertion several important factors. I ended up with picking up the Gel Kayano 19 (see here) which my girlfriend ended up loving!

I later decided to pick out running shoes for my self and during my research have gathered some important information that I have decided to share with you guys as you know I take my fitness seriously and find it imporant to work out and stay fit and healthy.

Running Shoes Guide

There is no single ‘finest shoe’ – everyone has distinct needs. A number of things – the surfaces you run on your biomechanics, your weight, and clearly, the design – mean that one man’s perfect shoe could be awful for someone else.

Our shoes break up into three major groups (firmness, functionality, minimalist and impartial):

Golf Nets For Computer Nerds: Best Net for Garden and Garrage

golf-net-frame in gardenJust PC USA will take a closer look at a few golf nets that you can use to better your game and improve your swing.

As you guys know I work from home and I love to go into the garrage and hit a few balls between sessions and I have gone through a few golf nets that I like, the following golf nets are the one I have found the best for use in my garden and garrage. I have these reading golf net reviews ( and buy buying the ones I like. The one I own today is the Rukk Net which is the one I will keep and own from now on in.

The Pro Series Net Return

The Pro Series Net return (see review) is the complete Godfather of golf nets. There actually is not something that comes close. For functionality, durability and equilibrium, The Net Return tops the list each time. At $395, it ain’t inexpensive either, but unlike many of its lesser-priced rivals, the Net Return is constructed to survive. It is a web that can help you save money over the duration of your own life in the event a serious golfer with long-term ambitions you.

As the name implies, the greatest selling point of the Net Return is the fact that the golf ball is returned after every shot to your feet. A hole in this stone could not rip.

Standing 7.5 feet tall and 8 feet broad, errant shots are not an issue with the Net Return either. It is something that instills you with the trust to swing tough and free with any golf club including the driver. This comfort zone feeling simply is not possible with many other golf webs.

In case you end up wondering how you will describe to your non-golfing partner that you would like to spend $395 on a golf net, it is worth noting the Net Return is a multisport merchandise. Lacrosse baseball and football players all really can reap the benefits of this training guide. Letting your children kick soccer balls or pitch baseballs into the netis a modest cost to cover limitless golf exercise and national harmony.

The net Return could be utilized inside and outside. The solid aluminum frame will not rust or fall to pieces in the wind (a weakness that is common among poorer quality webs) and can be assembled easily and quickly thanks to a convenient color coding system. It has a duffel bag that is tough when not in use where it can be conveniently kept.

Elliptical Workouts For People With Litle time

Exerpeutic-1000Xl-300x300Elliptical trainers are a great way for people who lack time to go to the gym to train. Personally, I have no time at the moment to spend hours a week at the gym so I bought an elliptical machine, the Exerpeautic 1000xl (I read this helpful review before deciding on it)  – which is great, and have it at home in my office. This is great for people that work at home and can spend less than 30 training. I can change my clothes and train and be back to work within 40 minutes. It is great and it has really benefited my health in recent weeks as I fell stronger with more energy.

I have therefore created a small guide for my readers on this blog to help them figures out the best way to get fit without spending to much time. Here is my litle elliptical machine guide (given that I am no expert you can read a full blog here with reviews and ratings about elliptical machines with buyr guides and tips on how to use elliptical machines at

Elliptical Machine Training Guide for Those That Lack Time

The elliptical is a mainstay in the health club for good reason: it is easy in the joints and offers an excellent cardio and complete-body work out. Nevertheless, the elliptical repetitive and also can get quite dull, also. Instead of spending a mindless 30 minutes in the elliptical machine, optimize your time and effort by doing among these seven workouts.

The Top Seven Online Flash Games Players Are Raving About: From Golf To Gym

The past couple of years have been a success for the gaming industry with the advent of new titles available and plenty of online flash games released. More and more people are becoming addicted to all the latest games available. Here are some of the online flash games that have made it to the top:

Tiger Wood’s Power Golf: A Real Golf Game

Tiger woodsThe game of golf has become very popular in recent years with more people going to the golf course with their clubs to hit that white golf ball each year. Personally, I have no idea about the game as such as I have never played it but I tried this game and found it quite fun. You play the game as Tiger Woods, a golf legend that has won everything that you can win as a golfer, and play 18 holes on the PGA Tour at a course called Pinehurts.

You start the game at the driving range hitting balls into a golf net, warming up and getting the tempo flowing. You then start to play and the twist is that instead of normal golf scoring, you get 2 plus points for a birdy, 1 minus for bogey and 2 for double bogey or worse. A par leaves you at zero. For those interested in golf and or looking for something different I thing you should check this game out.